Why Should You Choose a Taxi Over Uber or Lyft?

If you hate navigating crowded city streets, you have two options- you could either hire a taxi or book an Uber or Lyft ride. Though both Uber and Lyft have constantly been reporting an increase in ridership, taxi services are still maintaining their popularity. Here’s why.




If safety is your number one concern, it makes sense to hire a taxi. Both Uber and Lyft do not limit how long a driver must be licensed to drive for them. A person who just moved to the U.S. has a valid driver’s license, has access to a qualifying car, and passes a basic background check can work with Uber or Lyft. Additionally, neither Uber nor Lyft train their drivers, monitor them, or ensure that they are familiar with the areas in which they drive.


Reputable local taxi companies, on the other hand, run a background check before hiring a driver and carefully check every driver’s safety record. Taxi companies track their drivers through GPS trackers installed in their cabs.


A reputable taxi company makes safety a priority. Taxi companies have maintenance teams that are entrusted with the responsibility of inspecting and maintaining fleet vehicles.




Fees charged by ride-sharing services can vary significantly depending on the weather and other factors. Unpredictable and sometimes outrageous spikes in pricing is a common complaint customers have about ride-sharing services, especially during busy times.


Transparent pricing is one of the biggest advantages of taxi services. Reputable providers strive to keep their fees reasonable. They do not have any hidden costs and they will also let you choose your payment type. You could either pay in advance with a credit card or after your ride with your card or cash.




If you take an Uber or Lyft and an accident occurs, you and the driver will be covered only if the app was on and the driver was logged in. What’s worse, you may be held responsible for injuries and damages incurred. Most rideshare drivers do not have commercial insurance. Plus, most ride-sharing companies require their drivers to file a claim with their own car insurance carrier before accepting liability.


Reputable tax companies have taxi insurance that covers damage or loss incurred as a result of an accident.


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