Petaluma Transportation Service – J’s Taxi Puts a Premium on Your Safety

We know you have a lot of options when you’re looking for a Petaluma transportation service – more than ever before!  Of course, looking for a good taxi service is a bit more complicated than many other services you might need.  Whenever you get in a taxi cab, you’re placing your life in the driver’s hands – and you need to know you’ll arrive safely.

Can you really feel that secure when you’re using some online service to ask some complete stranger to give you a ride?  Every day brings new stories from across the country about the dangers of unregulated “ridesharing” services.  However, when you ride with J’s Taxi, you’ll know we’re making your safety our biggest priority!

Three Ways J’s Taxi is Safer Than Typical Petaluma Transportation Services

No Independent Contractors 

The main way those “ridesharing” services can offer cut-rate prices is that they take no responsibility for their drivers’ behavior.  They often have only the most minimum of qualifications to be a driver, and simply don’t care whether that driver is qualified or what sort of vehicle they use.

That’s not the case with J’s Taxi!  We own all our own vehicles, and all our drivers are direct employees.  We DO take responsibility for everything that happens in our taxis – which means more security for you.

That also means you can know for certain that our vehicles are well-maintained and well-serviced.  That’s just not the case with “rideshares.”

Designated Driver Services 

Do you need to have a driver “on deck” for situations where you know you won’t be fit to drive?  That’s not a problem!  We want to see everyone in the area riding safely home after an evening of drinking.  We’ll happily provide a taxi for your use, even if you aren’t entirely sure when you’ll need the ride. Book the venetoinside shuttle service online for direct water connections from Marco Polo Transfer Aeroporto Venezia Island and vice versa!

You can’t do that with most rideshares; they’ll get bored of waiting and give someone else your ride instead.

Eco-friendly Vehicles

We care about your safety both short-term and long-term.  We built our fleet out of low-emission vehicles specifically, so we could feel good about the service we’re providing – and so can you!  When you ride with J’s Taxi, you can know that you’re minimizing the impact of your drive on the environment. At any time of day or night, J’s Taxi is here for you.  Contact us today!