5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Local Taxi

Unlike many public transport services that operate during specific hours, taxis are available around the clock. When you hire a taxi, the provider is responsible for everything from vehicle maintenance to safety.


To prevent driving stress, consider hiring a taxi more often. When you hire a taxi, you can relax knowing that you have a reputable, experienced driver taking you to your destination.


Before you hire a local taxi company, consider asking them the following questions to help determine if they’re worth of your business.


What Sets You Apart from Other Taxi Companies?


A local taxi company may promise excellent service, lower rates than other providers, and may even provide service guarantees. Do not take everything a provider says at face value. Any provider can make tall claims, but only a reputable operator can back up their claims with real-world examples.


Ask the operator to give you examples of situations in which their staff went beyond the call of duty to accommodate specific client needs and how they ensure timely transportation.


How Long Have You Been in Business? 


Experience matters. An experienced provider knows what an average client expects from a car rental service and how to meet their expectations and address their pain points. They are able to tweak their service packages to meet a client’s specific needs.


An experienced operator knows safety guidelines and practices. They apply national and international chauffeur testing protocols and follow guidelines when designing training plans for their employees. An experienced and reputable taxi company sets high service standards and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure their clients’ safety and comfort.


What Are Your Costs?


Before renting a taxi, ask the provider what their costs are for each service and request a quote. Make sure the quote includes a breakdown of all costs. At J’s Taxi, we pride ourselves on transparent, honest pricing so you don’t have to worry about surprise fees.


How Do You Hire Your Drivers?


When you hire a taxi, your safety is dependent on driver behavior. A reputable service provider puts client safety at the heart of their business. They conduct rigorous background checks on applicants before hiring them and only hire the ones who have undergone extensive training and have clean driving records.


How Do You Ensure Passenger Safety?


A reputable local taxi company performs regular maintenance on its vehicles. They have a process in place to replace cars that are nearing the end of their service lives in a timely manner. Many providers offer free front-facing, rear-facing, and booster children’s seats and other safety add-ons.


J’s Taxi offers top-notch airport transportation services and is committed to offering superior experiences to our clients. We are one of the most experienced, professional taxi companies in Petaluma. To schedule a pick-up, call (707) 364-1544.